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Published by: Noelle Manahan

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Ericsson sues Samsung for IP contract violations

Ericsson announced in December that it filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the US for allegedly violating its contractual commitments related to patent licences and royalty payments. The patent dispute may negatively affect the Swedish company’s operating income by SEK 1- 1.5 billion ($118-$177 million) per quarter starting from 2021 due to the delay of royalty payments and the potential costs of litigation.

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EU seeks regulatory changes in patent licensing

The European Commission published in late November a new Action Plan concerning patent licensing guidelines which proposes to upgrade the bloc’s patent framework to balance intellectual property (IP) policies to help companies, particularly small and medium sized enterprises, to capitalise on their inventions amid health and economic crises, as well as digital and green transitions.

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Bitcoin Patent Holder’s Move Stresses Industry’s Potential IP Risks

BOTS Inc., a Puerto Rico-based blockchain and robotics firm, stated in November 2020 that it is in discussions with “a major law firm” to enforce their newly-acquired Bitcoin ATM patent against Bitcoin ATM operators in order to collect royalty payments. The company expects revenues of $14 million to $18 million annually in connection to patent enforcement.

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